Constitutional Amendments

Good day PennACE members!

I write to you with good news. Both of the votes on the constitutional amendments proposed by the board have passed. The constitution will now read as below for the two amendments changed:

  • Article III: Section 2:

  • Individual Membership carries one vote. It is available to faculty and staff engaged in internship, co-operative education, and career development on a college campus or employment activities within a business, government agency, social service agency or other organization.

  • Employer Affiliate Membership carries no vote and may not serve on the Executive Board. It is available to staff engaged in employment activities within a business, government agency, social service agency or other organization.

  • Article V: Section 3:

  • There shall be four Members-at-Large. These members should represent the carious geographic and professional areas of the general membership. Members-at-Large should be utilized as a balancing agent to ensure that the Executive Board is comprised of equal interests that represent its full membership. The term of the office for the Members-at-Large shall be two years, with two Members-at-Large being elected each year. They shall be eligible for election to the second consecutive term of office but cannot serve beyond a total of two consecutive terms in that position. Each Member-at-Large position will be designated to serve as a chairperson of a standing committee. Standing committees include Grants, Student of the Year, Government Affairs, Professional and Employer Engagement, Eastern/Central, and Professional and Employer Engagement, Western/Central.

These changes will allow PennACE to better serve the professional development needs of our membership in all areas, allowing for us to refocus our energy on our mission of providing professional growth and networking opportunities designed to enhance career development practices.

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