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Our Vision: To be the premier statewide professional association of choice for career and recruitment professionals. 


Our Mission: A collaborative organization that provides professional growth and networking opportunities for career development and recruitment professionals to enhance practices that benefit  Pennsylvania college and university students and graduates.

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17th Annual Conference Registration Now Open!


Register for the 17th Annual PennACE Conference before April 1 to receive the Early Bird discounted rate! This year's conference will take place May 21-23 at the Toftrees Golf Resort in State College, PA. For more information and to register, please click here


Below is a tentative schedule of events: 


2019 PennACE (Tentative) Conference Schedule


Tuesday, May 21

Pre Conference Activities


Wednesday, May 22


8:30-10:00 am                   Registration Open                                                                       


10:00-11:15 am                 Welcome & Keynote Presentation                                         

                                           Dr. Tom Segar


11:15-12:30pm                  Lunch & Student of the Year Presentation                          


12:45-1:45pm                    Knowledge Session I     


                                          What’s Your ParliPro IQ?                                                               

                                          Diana Brush, Associate Director, Clarion Univ.    


                                          You’re an Athlete? So what.                                                       

                                          Eric Morton, Graduate Assistant, Kutztown Univ.             


                                          Insights for Preparing Students for Post College           

                                          Dr. Tom Segar, Keynote Speaker


                                          One Company’s Approach to Inclusion – PPL Corp.           

                                          Brian Case, Manager, PPL


2-3:00pm                           Express Sessions – Pick Two 25 minute sessions


                                          It Takes Two: The Student-Supervisor Relationship          

                                          Crystal Vietmeier, Director, Chatham Univ.


                                          Integrating Career Services & Alumni Relations                  

                                          Lauren Tudor, Assistant Director, Chatham Univ.


                                          Career Coaching Goes Digital                                                      

                                          Diana Brush, Associate Director, Clarion Univ.


                                          Career Prep Courses: Professional Development                              

                                          Kate Sheridan, Associate Director, Chatham Univ.


                                          The Smartest People “Not” in the Room: Utilizing             

                                          Alumni as a Primary Means in Career Development

                                          Ryan Smolko, Associate Director, Muhlenberg College


3:15-4:15pm                      Knowledge Session II   


                                          Understanding Exploratory Students & Career                  

                                          Educator’s Role in their Relationship

                                          Dr. John Rindy, Director, Slippery Rock Univ.


                                          Taking Kindergarten to College                                                 

                                          Julie Novotny, Career Advisor, Kent State Univ.


                                          Great Development Achieves Identifiable Goals                             

                                          Hope Balanti, Employment Specialist, CCAC


                                          LGBTQA+ Students & the Career Search Journey                   

                                          Christopher Donchak, Career Counselor, PSU Harrisburg


4:30-5:30pm                      PennAce Gameshow & Happy Hour                                    

                                          Happy hour sponsored by Enterprise!


6:00pm                              Group Dinners on Your Own



Thursday, May 23


8:30-9:45am                      Breakfast & General Membership Meeting                         


9:45-10:15am                    Lightning Sessions


                                          SOTY Awards Q&A session                                                           


                                          Roadblocks to Re-entry                                                                

                                          PennAce Grant Presentation

                                          Patty Gochenauer, PSU Mount Alto


                                          Committee time, if needed                                                         


10:15-11:15                       Featured Topic Session                                                                 


                                          Career Services for All: Providing Accessible &

                                          Equitable Campus Resources

                                          Linda Lantaff, Director of Disability Services, Kutztown Univ.

                                          Kerri Gardi, Director of Career Development, Kutztown Univ.


11:15-11:30                       Snack Break                                                                                       


11:30-12:30pm                  Knowledge Session III


                                          Creating Inclusive Environments                                                               

                                          Julie Novotny, Career Advisor, Kent State Univ.


                                          Connecting Career Development & Study Abroad            

                                          Through University Partnerships

                                          Sherry Rice, Assistant Director, PSU


                                          The Box Method – Thinking Outside of the Box to           

                                          Create Successful Mock Interviews

                                          Crystal Cory, Graduate Student, Slippery Rock Univ.

                                          Richard Zapp, Graduate Student, Slippery Rock Univ.


                                          Requiring an Internship: The Good, The Bad,                      

                                          and The Ugly

                                          Lesli Somerset, Assistant Director, Chatham Univ


General Conference Questions may be addressed to Jenelle Henry Conference Chair at henry@kutztown.edu or at 610.683.4067. 

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