Members Recognized for Service

At the annual business meeting held in Gettysburg on May 24, 2018, three of our members were recognized for their outstanding contributions.

Keystone Award Winners

The Keystone Award is given for outstanding service in the first three years of membership.

Lesli Somerset

Assistant Director of Career Development, Internship Program & Outreach - Chatham University

PennACE Leadership Roles: Member-at-Large/Employer Relations

Other Involvement to PennACE: Conference Committee 2017

Quote from Nominator: “Lesli Somerset is an articulate, energetic professional who is eager to be involved and is dedicated to the mission of PennACE. I’ve seen Lesli as she serves in other leadership capacities and she’s a mover and a shaker. She’s clearly become meaningfully engaged with PennACE from the time she joined. I see Lesli continuing her involvement with PennACE and moving into more leadership roles that will benefit our outstanding organization as she brings her skill set to the board table.”

Lauren Watson

Career Coach, Smeal College of Business - Penn State University

PennACE Leadership Roles: Membership Chairperson

Other Involvement to PennACE: Conference presenter 2014, 2015; Professional Development Committee, 2015-2016

Quote from Nominator: “Lauren Watson is a dedicated, involved professional. She didn’t hesitate to become involved immediately upon entering the profession of Career Services and willingly and capably assumed the role of Membership Chair. Lauren believes in PennACE and its great value to university career services professionals in Pennsylvania. She’s definitely a keystone to the continued success of our fine organization.”

Donna Dentler Service Award Winner

The Donna Dentler Service Award is given for overall outstanding service and leadership to advance the mission of the organization.

Heather Balas

Director, Career Services - Mercyhurst University

PennACE Leadership Roles: Conference Program Committee Member & Chair, Secretary, Conference Chair/Vice President, President, Past President, Member-at-Large/Professional Development

Other Contributions to PennACE: Heather Balas has played an active role in PennACE from the time she joined the organization. She’s held various formal leadership, board, and volunteer roles. She’s also presented at the conference, recruited new members, recruited officers and board members. She’s highly dedicated to PennACE and her consistent leadership and involvement has made a positive difference to the growth and progress of the organization. She’s most deserving of the Donna Dentler Service Award.

Quote from Nominator: “Heather Balas is most deserving of the Donna Dentler Service Award. Her caring attitude has sustained PennACE over the years and contributed to its continued growth and progress. She consistently displays concern for any organization with which she’s involved, and she acts on said concern through active involvement in these organizations. Heather is a servant-leader. Her collaborative spirit, loyalty, and drive make a great team member and have most certainly allowed her to be an effective leader within and outside of PennACE.”

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