2018 Annual Conference Recap

Thank you to all who attended and presented at the 2018 Annual PennACE Conference, at the Lodges at Gettysburg. We had an excellent time with 75 attendees, 12 knowledge sessions and 3 expression sessions. Pete Smith served as a wonderful and exciting Keynote speaker, daring us all to matter and John Snyder led us in the annual PennACE Gameshow. Other highlights included a pre-conference battlefield tour and a ghost tour through Gettysburg. Thank you again to all of our presenters, conference committee members, and attendees for making the conference great. I look forward to next year’s conference in State College (May 21-23, 2019).

Member Experience Testimonial

"As a professional in higher education, you find yourself trying to constantly stay up-to-date on trends that are not only happening in higher education but within the specific area that you work in. Beyond personal research and article reading, attending conferences and communicating with colleagues and peers are some of the best ways to learn and to hear what other universities are accomplishing. I attended the Annual PennACE Conference in Gettyburg this year and it was more than I could ask for. Being in a room with professionals within your field allows you to hear the joys as well as the struggles we all face daily; this was most refreshing. Luckily, I was also able to present at this conference, allowing me to showcase the areas within Career Development that are affecting us. I believe that if anyone is questioning to attend this conference or even present at future conferences, to just do it! This is a great group of professionals that makes you feel comfortable, allows you to see different angles and perspectives of individual’s line of work and are a fun and outgoing group. I thought I would never say this but “the learning part of this conference was fun!” I plan on attending future conferences and become more involved because of the interactions and experiences I had that week!" - Kolleen Woodcock, Gannon University

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